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intersect/surface/body: a choreographic view of drawing is the title of a practice-based PhD research project at Falmouth University/UAL: investigating drawing in relation to material process, scoring action and evidence of touch.

Drawing is implemented and approached as a choreographic activity between moving bodies and two dimensional surfaces. The research investigates the unfolding processes that constitute relations between drawing as it occurs, appears and remains in terms of a set of choreographic activities and strategies.

intersect has been evolving as a space of lingering in which to notice the material and conceptual details of the practice and the coinciding capacities of surface to receive, support, touch and screen.

This online site shares some of the practical work:

She’s only doing this: scores is a series of large-scale drawing scores that work with task-based action and explore the notion of ‘score’ as action,  performing event and residual remains.

The drawing scores, She’s only doing this, are developing in the studio and in performance, working with tasks and constraints that determine a simple set of choreographic conditions of body, space, material and time. Each configuration is an attempt to ‘zoom in’ on processual details of making-unmaking, intention, accident, purposelessness, iteration and continuation, duration.

I have dedicated a page for three of the scores:
1 unfolding spine     2 Em[bed]ding circle     3 Parallel=lines

Translucent surface/Quiet body worked with a large table-like construction at L’Animal a L’Esquena to document drawing and the reciprocal touch between body-skin and paper-glass from beneath the contact surface.

Swim study is an ongoing delight in the elusive quality of the surface of the water from the perspective of a swimmer.

My PhD thesis was submitted 1 April 2017.

Katrina Brown

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