1 Unfolding spine

She’s only doing this: scores
1 Unfolding spine

1 Unfolding spine Space Dartington 2012: charcoal pencil on paper: 4m x 9m

On  knees – bowed – low  gaze – nose  to  paper
Draw  lines  out  of  spinal  axis  to  right  and  left
Starting close  to  spine  and  extending  to  arm’ s  reach  maximum
Vary  looking at or not  looking at  drawing  line
Co-ordinate drawing  line  with  breath – drawing  line and breathing  line
Line  moves  away  from  spine  on  exhale  –  returns  to  spine on  inhale
Retreat at the same time in  low  shuffle backwards on  knees  across  paper
Leave  drawing  behind  in  retreat
Attempt  to  draw  each  line  parallel  to  previous  line

Screen Shot _adj_2016-07-08 at 16.52.56
Documenting Unfolding spine Dartington studio 2016

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.25.58

unfolding spine lanimal
1 Unfolding spine performed on 2m x 2m elevated platform at L’Animal
July 2014: 40 minutes: pastel on translucent tracing paper:



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